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About the BOOK

The InterNational Borzoi Book
the Borzoi in the 21st Century

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With very interesting story by Mrs.Jo M.Heller-Vorenoff Borzois!!!! "Vorenoffs"
About Borzoi in the USA and Canada by Sue Vasick-Komrovsky Borzoi.
The history of the borzoi breed in Russia by Mrs.Inna Estrina-Romanov Borzoi !!!!!

And.....some nice reports and borzoi stories from Slovenia by Helena Arh-Wolkowo Borzois and Andreja Novak.
From Czechia- the history of Borzoi in Czechoslovakia and Czechia by A&A Mudrovi-Sofena Borzoi.
From Finland will write Pirjo Hosstika-Vuokare.
From Sweden by Dan Person-Yermoloff's Borzoi
Monika Goretzky wrote a interesting story about her hunting days with her Borzoi Musch-Musch in the steppe in Nov.2002
Hungarian Borzoi history will summarize Dr.Agnes Koppany-Dober-Kopp Borzoi.
The publisher of the WindhundWelt magazine
D&B Ollik wrote a report about the show at Crufts 2002.
and more

Many pedigrees and photos in The Borzoi in the 21st Century part
Arts and paintings on the The Atelier pages

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